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Company News

PTSC Mechanical & Construction celebrates 15th Anniversary (15th May 2001 – 15th May 2016)


On 14th May 2016, PTSC Mechanical & Construction (PTSC M&C) ceremonially held its 15th Anniversary in Vungtau City. It is an opportunity to honor the esteem generations of PTSC M&C’s leadership for their dedication to the development of the Company over the past 15 years.

Attending the ceremony, there are leaders and former leaders of PetroVietnam, PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) and PTSC M&C over the past 15 years as well as nearly 450 delegates representing more than 1,700 employees of PTSC M&C.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr. Dong Xuan Thang expressed his gratitude to the previous leaders of PVN, PTSC, PTSC M&C who are the founders of the Company and the current leaders of PVN, PTSC for their drastic instructions and kind support and his thanks to the clients/partners for their coordination throughout the years. Although the economy is facing with many difficulties, the volatile tendency, falling oil price, unstable political climate especially the escalation of tensions in the East Sea and the fierce competition continue to affect the business activities of the Company, but with its target and strategy; the support from PVN, the righteous instruction from PTSC; enthusiasm, solidarity and determination of PTSC M&C staffs, he affirmed that PTSC M&C will constantly endeavor to boost development and contribute to overall success of PVN, PTSC and the country.

Photo: Mr. Dong Xuan Thang, Managing Director of PTSC M&C, gave his speech

At the ceremony, 20 individuals who have worked for the Company more than 15 years were awared the certificates for their dedication and 334 individuals were accredited with their achievements over the past 10 years. These individuals have made a great contribution to the success of PTSC M&C.


Photo: The leaders gave flowers and certificates for individuals having made important contribution to the Company over the past 15 years.

With excellent and proud achievements during the past years, PTSC M&C is honored to receive many noble rewards including the Third, Second and First Class Labor Medals from the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and certificates from the Party, PVN and other authorities accredited the relentless effort and major contribution of PTSC M&C staffs.

Since the establishment, PTSC M&C, a subsidiary of PTSC, has made a great leap forward in the construction field of the oil and gas industry. PTSC M&C has so far successfully completed nearly 60 projects for domestic and international clients. From a small fabrication and construction workshop, PTSC M&C has developed to become the leading EPC/EPCI contractor in Vietnam providing the turnkey services for many huge projects with value up to billions USD and high international technical standards within its 15 years of operation. All projects are completed with high quality, safety standards and in a timely manner which always satisfies its clients and increase the company reputation in the market. With the current strategy focusing on vigorous growth, PTSC M&C is pursuing the target to become a prestigious EPC/EPCI not only in the country but also in the region in terms of high quality and safety.