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Company News



In September 2012, PTSC M&C was awarded the Dua Subsea Development Project (Project) by Premier Oil Offshore Vietnam (POVO). The contract values approximately 58 million US dollars.

Located in the Chim Sao - Dua Field, block 12W offshore Vietnam, the Project relates to the development of the Dua subsea field as a subsea tieback to the Lewek EMAS FPSO. The Project work-scope comprises installation and construction engineering, onshore fabrication, procurement, construction, load-out, transportation, offshore installation, hook-up, pre commissioning, commissioning assistance of the buckle triggers, PLEM, Twin Pipeline Active Manifold (TPAM), 17 km of dual 10’’ flowlines, flexible risers, umbilical and associated subsea facilities. Currently, the Project is being well performed ensuring good quality.

The onshore work carried out by PTSC M&C is ahead of schedule; particularly, the buckle triggers were completed 3 weeks in advance and are now ready for the 1st offshore installation campaign in February 2013. The team of PTSC M&C and Premier Oil employees are making great attempt to prepare for the 2nd offshore campaign in May 2013.