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Company News

PTSC M&C celebrated the 82th Anniversary of the Vietnam Woman’s Union


On 20th October 2012, at VietsovPetro Sport and Culture Center, PTSC M&C’s and PTSC Power’s Unions coordinated to celebrate the 82th anniversary of the Vietnam Woman’s Union.

At the ceremony, there were many sports activities such as tug-of-war, badminton which attracted the attention of both PTSC M&C and PTSC Power’s women. The management boards of PTSC M&C and PTSC Power sent best wishes and congratulations on the contribution of female employees to the company development.

On this occasion, PTSC M&C’s Union and Youth Organization also made a donation to Vung Tau Child Care Center and Charity Class in Lien Tri Pagoda with more than 200 presents. The anniversary to welcome the Vietnamese Woman Day ended in a joyful atmosphere, which did not only bring happiness but also a good chance for female employees to exchange and share their experience and expertise in the oil and gas segment./.


Thao Nguyen-Uy Vu, PTSC M&C




Carol song opening the Ceremony

The tug-of-war match between PTSC M&C team and PTSC Power team

Mr. Bui Hoang Diep (Deputy Director of PTSC M&C) and Mr. Vu Van Kien (Deputy Director of PTSC Power) delivered the awards to athletes