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Company News



At the end of September 2021, Hai Long Offshore Wind has awarded the consortium consisting of Semco Maritime and PTSC M&C a Preferred Supplier Agreement to build 02 offshore substations under Hai Long 2 and Hai Long 3 Offshore Wind Project in Taiwanese coast. This is an impressive achievement and a strategic breakthrough for PTSC M&C in the renewable energy services.

Hai Long 2 & 3 Offshore Wind Project is operated by Hai Long Offshore Wind (based in Taiwan). The project is located in the Taiwan Strait, which is considered to be one of the world’s top-twenty water bodies for the development of offshore wind resources. At the current plan, the project will deliver more than 1 GW of green wind energy once commissioned in 2025-2026. This project also part of the Taiwanese government’s ambition to install 5.5 GW offshore wind capacity by 2025 to secure a leading position for Taiwan in offshore wind in east Asia.

After a long run of screening & bidding process, the consortium of Semco Maritime and PTSC M&C (led by Semco Maritime) has surpassed the other competitors and successfully secured the PSA covers for detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, commissioning for 02 offshore substations with a fabrication volume up to 18,000 tons. In this consortium, PTSC M&C will be responsible for the detailed engineering of the jackets, procurement of partial materials, and to construct all project facilities at PTSC M&C's fabrication yard in Vung Tau City from from Q3.2022 to Q1.2024.

Hai Long 2 & 3 Project is the first EPC project PTSC M&C gained in renewable energy sector and will play a very important premise for PTSC M&C to develop its capacities for this service line, anticipating the energy transition from fossil fuels to clean energy (especially offshore wind power projects) which is taking place widely in Vietnam as well as other countries in the world.