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Company News

Plates to celebrate the grand celebration of 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi and success of the Congress Party National Petroleum Corporation to train Vietnam PTSC 02 and PTSC 03


Am 06.10.2010, built at the site downstream PTSC port in Vung Tau City, the Corporation held a ceremony to add the sea to celebrate the grand celebration of 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi and success of the Congress Party The National Petroleum Corporation for 02 ships Vietnam service has just completed building a cruise ship PTSC PTSC 02 and 03.

PTSC PTSC 02 ships and 03 ships are the two major oil and gas services are self-closing PTSC and new investment. This is the first direct PTSC implement specialized ship oil and gas in Vietnam. Two ships are designed, constructed and certified by the registry of the international Lloyd's Register, satisfy the requirements, rules, standards of specialized tanker petroleum modern, licensed to operate in all international waters.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Dinh La Thang - Chairman of PetroVietnam members stressed: " Along with many consecutive complete large petroleum projects in the past, the successful implementation of the project of building 02 ship oil services require highly sophisticated techniques in the first implementation, Quality Assurance International and the registry of the international Lloyd's Register certification , beyond schedule, save money nearly 30 billion VND he 's PTSC is a further testament to the power of reaching out PTSC in the field of new service is known for building vehicles for the first Oil and Gas Industry in Vietnam. This also confirms the policy and proper orientation of the leadership of the Party, State and National Oil and Gas Corporation of Vietnam in developing internal resources, development of oil services, engineering and general engineering petroleum in particular, targeting services exports and develop markets overseas. "


Also at the ceremony, Mr. Dinh La Thang, member of the Central Party, Party Secretary, Chairman of the Group Scout members were awarded merit certificates to the Corporation for PTSC successfully completed the project closed vessel 02 PTSC PTSC and 03.


Oil and gas service vessels PTSC PTSC 03 in 2002 and the project "Investment and business building services PTSC 02 ships, 03 PTSC service of the Dung Quat Oil Refinery, Quang Ngai province with total investment $ 22 million.PTSC 02 service vessels with a capacity of 3500 BHP, 47 ton pull capacity and PTSC 03 4750 BHP, 64 ton traction. After the handover, two oil services ship PTSC PTSC 02 and 03 will be put to use, online service for the pontoon, tug boat, pontoon pour in oil in oil terminals and ports SPM products , directly standby and fire rescue incidents, oil spill of the Dung Quat oil refinery and other customers, oil and gas contractors in the region and the world.

Two ships PTSC and PTSC-03-02 are in progress simultaneously, with duration of 15 months 02 PTSC ship, ship PTSC-03 almost 11 months, has now been completed, ensuring safety and quality and expected to hand over all 02 ships on 30/11/2010 sooner than planned handover of the contract (12/24/2010) nearly 01 months.

Although with limited investment in equipment, experienced personnel, warehouse construction and was first deployed ship oil and gas engineering services, with capacity and experience team of professional staff, dynamism, creativity and the experience gained from successfully deploying PTSC building barges of 5,000 tonnes in 2001 (launched 11/2009) before, coupled with determination, unity of all staff PTSC, develop their intellectual potential and creative initiative in work, working with spirit eager, enthusiastic, Proceeding learning, emulation promote initiatives to improve techniques should PTSC M & C implementation of the project is successful, the project completion time has been shortened a month, saving 29.6 billion compared with the original total estimate.


Focus on developing one type of service is our key service trains oil industry, the investment ship service of the PTSC is a major landmark in the field of marine engineering and industry in particular and Vietnam's shipbuilding in general, open great opportunities for PTSC in the field of domestic service providers to reduce costs, buying from foreign vessels. In the future, PTSC will strive to increase capacity building and 4-6 ships per year since 2012.

Along with the successful implementation of many projects made oil and gas projects require highly sophisticated techniques, rigorous standards scale to hundreds of millions of dollars for international clients in the past, then the successful implementation of the project ship service marked a new stage of development and have an important significance in terms of capacity in the field of PTSC's new service, which demonstrates its commitment and strategy in PTSC becoming a supplier of oil services and engineering top marine in Vietnam