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Company News

Hai Su Trang/Hai Su Den Project achieved 1,000,000 manhours without any lost time incidents


On 7th September 2012, Thang Long JOC and PTSC M&C celebrated the Health Safety and Environment Day to acknowledge the turning point of Hai Su Trang/Hai Su Den project upon achieving the target of 1 million man-hours without any LTI.

The celebration is, more importantly, an indicator of the commitment shown by PTSC M&C so far in delivering this project safely. The achievement of 1 million man-hours was built upon the strong foundation of professionalism and support of Thang Long JOC’s, PTSC M&C’s management and workforce. This reinforces the strong relationship that exists between these two companies and sets in place a foundation to grow and develop this cooperation spirit.

Till date, the offshore installation campaign for Hai Su Trang and Hai Su Den Jackets and Pipelines was completed. In addition, the pre-commissioning and commissioning work for Hai Su Trang and Hai Su Den Topsides was initiated and scheduled for completion in March 2013. PTSC M&C is in the process of doing the T&I engineering for two topsides supporting the installation campaign commencement in March 2013. Simultaneously, all procedure/ equipment for Hook-up and Commissioning (HUC) work is being prepared, ready for HUC schedule in April 2013.